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Rhenium Alloys, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of refractory metals and high temperature products. We bring technology and engineering together to provide innovative solutions
to customers in a wide range of industrial and high-tech applications. Committed to continuous improvement in product quality, we operate an extensive research program
to identify innovations and technologies. This site provides an overview of our capabilities, products, and services.
Please contact us to discuss your particular alloy and temperature needs.

The "New" Eddy Current Tester

Utilizing high and low frequencies,
the Eddy Current with integrated two axis laser micrometer by Laserlinc, accurately measures diameter while checking for flaws in wire ranging from 0.0035" to 0.053".

Trade Show: LpS 2015

LED professional Symposium +Expo

Trends & Technologies for Future Lighting Solutions

September 22 – 24, 2015

at Festspielhaus in Bregenz, Austria

Come visit us at Booth F1



Our Products


Specializing in rhenium, molybdenum,

molybdenum-rhenium, tungsten-

rhenium materials, tungsten and
copper-tungsten our products include:

>  Wire, rod and bar stock

>  Foil, sheet, plate and ribbon

>  Chemicals, perrhenates and powders,

both standard and alloyed, traditional

flaked and spherical forms

Rhenium MOCVD Heater Filaments


Rhenium Alloys produces the highest quality rhenium heater filaments for the MOCVD Industry. We offer a proprietary, patent pending, surface treatment that increases the heat transfer efficiency without adding the contamination risk from steel shot peening and other aggressive mechanical operations.

Quartz Halogen Lamps


The Rhenium Lamp Group is a division

of Rhenium Alloys, an established

supplier of high-quality rhenium alloys

and other advanced materials for use

in space, nuclear, semiconductor,

electronic and other high-tech industries

throughout the world. At Rhenium, we

leverage state-of-the-art manufacturing

equipment, as well as proprietary

manufacturing techniques to insure

a high-quality, long-lasting lamp.


PH: 440-365-7388

FX: 888-366-9830

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