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Rhenium Alloys expert staff inspecting tubes in labOur Quality Policy

Rhenium Alloy’s Quality System will ensure that you receive your product manufactured
to your exact specifications. Documented procedures and process controls provide the consistency you need order after order. Our Quality Department makes certain that all of the production and inspection measuring equipment used in our facility is calibrated and maintained. With over 50 years of Quality Control / Inspection experience and our state of the art inspection equipment, we will ensure that your product meets your expectations.


Quality Inspection Equipment

A partial list of our quality inspection equipment:

  • Articulating Video Borescope by RF Co.
    This device allows us to see the inner wall of tubing down to 0.154” diameter. We are able to take still images or videos of the inner walls – all of the way up to 118” in length (59” from each end).
  • Vacuum Helium Leak Detector by Alcatel
    In addition to die penetrant testing, this device enables us to check our tubing for leaks by pulling a 1.0x10-9 vacuum. We then introduce Helium gas to the outside of the tube. If the tube has leaks, the powerful vacuum will force the helium atoms through the leak, thereby triggering an audible alarm that indicates failure.
  • Dimensional Air Gage by Mahr Federal
    The Dimensional Air Gage is an inspection tool that measures more accurately than other gaging methods. In the measurement of inner diameters, air gaging is unsurpassed for speed and accuracy. These gages offer reliability to measure tolerances well beyond the scope of mechanical gages.
  • Micrometers, Calipers, Gages
    A large variety of micrometers, calipers, height gages, snap gages, pin gages and gage blocks.



All of our refractory metal and alloy products are MADE IN USA and inspected for quality at our facility in Northeastern, Ohio.

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