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History of Rhenium Alloys

Rhenium Alloys manufacturing facility in Elyria, Ohio (near Cleveland)RHENIUM ALLOYS – 50 YEARS IN BUSINESSFounded in 1966 in Elyria, Ohio (near Cleveland), Rhenium Alloys, Inc. began business with a single product line: the highest quality fine gage rhenium wire available in the marketplace. Since then, Rhenium Alloys, Inc. has added related refractory metal product lines and created several new materials and tools, while maintaining its dedication to product quality, customer service and scientific excellence. From simple rods and tubes for refractory applications in the U.S. to new types of powders and alloys for a global market with a wide range of applications, Rhenium Alloys has been an acknowledged leader in all phases of refractory metals business and research.

Today, the company manufactures wire, rod, bar; ribbon, foil, sheet and plate; elements, filaments and lamps, plus specialty fabricated products, all MADE IN USA. An innovator in the production of rhenium metal powders, the company holds several patents for rhenium spherical powders and alloyed powder products. The company also produces specialty fabricated products with high-tech applications, including NASA’s space shuttle programs. Rhenium Alloys makes components found in temperature measurement instruments, missile guidance systems, missile propulsion, high-energy electron tubes, jet engines, long-life x-ray tubes and equipment to evaluate and date geological formations. The company also supplies products for the manufacture of petrochemicals and semiconductors.

Rhenium Alloys serves customers in the automotive, electronic, defense, nuclear, space, halogen lamp, semiconductor, and other high-tech industries. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our global customers. The company’s technical staff participates with its customers’ research and development production teams to provide the ideal solution to meet their manufacturing, project and research objectives. Rhenium Alloys’ contribution to finding new applications for its refractory metal products is documented in extensive white papers. Copies of these publications are available and can be requested through Rhenium Alloys sales and research staff.


Materials MADE IN USA

refractory metals and alloys in plate, sheet, bar, rod, and wireRhenium Alloys specializes in a variety of materials including pure rhenium, pure molybdenum, and their alloys (molybdenum-rhenium, tungsten-rhenium), pure tungsten, and variety of tungsten-copper alloys. Our goal is to use these materials to obtain the best results for your application. Let us help you determine which material and form is right for your production components or finished products. Whether your need is improved ductility or high-temperature strength, Rhenium Alloys has the ideal metal or alloy material in a variety of formats.


Our products include:


Rhenium Alloys Acquires J&M Precision Die Casting

J&M Precision Die Casting logoJ&M Precision Die Casting produces high quality and near net shape Aluminum and Zinc Die Castings for a diverse group of industries. The company also produces high quality, durable in-line fence strainers, and offers gravity feed die casting.


HydroTube Enterprises

Excellence in tube cutting, bending, fabricating, laser cutting, welding and finishing.
Our sister company, established in 1969, HydroTube has been providing innovative, bent tubular products of the highest quality for over 50 years .

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